Not everything can be described.  That’s the documentary’s great problem.  It catches itself as if in its own trap… If I’m making a film about love, I can’t go into a bedroom if real people are making love there… I noticed, when making documentaries, that the closer I wanted to get to an individual, the more objects which interested me shut themselves off.

That’s probably why I changed to features.  There’s no problem there.  I need a couple to make love in bed, that’s fine.  Of course, it might be difficult to find an actress who’s willing to take off her bra, but then you just find one who is… I can even buy some glycerine, put some drops in her ears and the actress will cry.  I managed to photograph some real tears several times.  It’s something completely different. But now I’ve got glycerine.  I’m frightened of real tears.  In fact, I don’t even know whether I’ve got the right to photograph them.  At such times I feel like somebody who’s found himself in a realm which is, in fact, out of bounds.  That’s the main reason why I escaped from documentaries.

-Krzysztof Kieslowski


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